About Us



Our story began in a small home, the year 2012. Barely enough capital, to begin with, a borrowed Kitchen Aid stand mixer and a conventional oven. With passion and perseverance, SimplyNuha's Kitchenette was born, name after our late dear daughter "Nuha"(Intelligent) left us 12hrs of delivery. Our passion for unique flavours, love for food and ideas brought our vision, and products, to life.

Our products baked from the finest ingredients and beautiful taste to create something special. We believe in quality, honesty and creating unique flavours that everyone can enjoy. The taste of every local and international dessert, food has inspired us in what we eat every day, each product, each flavour represents our love in the world we live in, to get to cherish and learn from each other. Our Ondeh Ondeh and Kampong flavours were created in May 2013, inspired by the original Kuehs. We hope they’ll inspire you too.

At SimplyNuha's Kitchenette, teamwork is vital to our success. We work together towards a shared vision. It is the fuel that allows us normal people to attain extraordinary results, InsyaAllah.